Esly Caldwell


“I had pain in both knees and legs even after having them both operated on. I received acupuncture from Esly Caldwell. I limped to the first treatment but after when I stood up and walked there was no limping and no pain. I walked and felt better than I had in five years. I would say to anyone with pain: try acupuncture because it works. Thank you Esly.” -B.B.  


“I recently started seeing Esly Caldwell for acupuncture because I was in a car accident and ended up injuring my foot. I am a collegiate cross-country runner, so running on a banged up foot didn’t do great things for me. I ended up severely bruising my 2nd metatarsal and severely straining my tendons and ligaments. It set me back about 6 weeks after being in the best shape of my life. Before I saw Esly, I was seeing a chiropractor and muscle activation therapist, but something seemed to be missing. They were helping, just not fast enough. So, they recommended me to see an acupuncturist. I found out about Esly through a friend, and ever since I started getting treated by him my foot has healed extremely fast. Within 3 treatments, I was basically pain free. He has helped me tremendously with my running and overall health. He got me eating better, which I am seeing the benefits of everyday. Every time I see him, I instantly feel better once I get up off the table. I highly recommend acupuncture to my fellow athletes because it helps keep you injury free. Bottom line, if your meridians are off your game will be off. Thanks a lot, Esly!!!” -A.G  


“Recently I was struck with a debilitating migraine complete with nausea, smell, light and sound sensitivity. Luckily, Esly Caldwell was available to give me acupuncture. Within minutes the nausea went away and after thirty the pain was in a tolerable range. One hour after the treatment my headache was completely gone. Since then, when I have felt a migraine coming on, I have had more treatments to keep them away. I would much rather have a few needles in my head for a few minutes than to take the medicine and deal with the side effects.” -S.G.  


“I had an ulnar nerve release and transposition surgery on my elbow 4 years ago and have been in excruciating pain ever since, until I found Esly Caldwell. The surgery was not a success and only made the pain worse. I developed a neurological condition called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type I or RSD (nerve pain), which also causes swelling and muscle spasms along with constant pain. I tried several medications, nerve blocks, and physical therapy and was left with the option of a spinal cord implant to control the pain, which terrified me. It was suggested by my doctors that I try acupuncture. I have been working with Esly, my miracle worker, for 8 months now. He had a huge challenge of “relieving and repairing” 4 years of neuropathic pain. He is very compassionate and listens and was ready to help me with my pain. Esly researched the best way to treat me since my left elbow cannot be touched and came up with a plan. I am happy to report my pain levels went from a 9 and 10 to a 4 or 5 and sometimes even a 3. The swelling in my arm and hand has decreased and the muscle spasms rarely occur. I seldom use pain medicine. Esly has taught me a lot about relaxation and how stress affects pain. I am able to enjoy a better quality of life now thanks to Esly!” -MJL  


“My husband and I had battled infertility for 4 years with no successful pregnancies when I started seeing Esly Caldwell for acupuncture. Prior to acupuncture we were seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and underwent many expensive and stressful procedures that never resulted in pregnancy. At one time I was told “you will never conceive on your own.” I had acupuncture treatments on a regular basis with Esly for 2 months and am very happy to say I’m 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby! During my visits with Esly I not only received the benefits of acupuncture, but I found that he was very educated about diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, and truly has a wonderful spirit of expertise and caring. He also is a great resource for community programs such as yoga, etc. Esly has a very calming manner in which he practices and is very thorough in his treatment. Acupuncture has been a blessing for me and not only would I recommend this for infertilty/gynecologic problems, but for numerous other conditions as well. It is one of many alternative options for treating conditions besides prescription medications and western medicine therapies.” -M.G.  


“I had been dealing with a chronic headache condition called hemacrania continua for almost three years which I had been treating with a fairly strong anti-inflammatory medication. After only a couple of acupuncture treatments my headaches had decreased to the point where medication was no longer necessary. It has made a tremendous positive change in my life and freed me from taking daily medications. Esly Caldwell has been easy and enjoyable to deal with and would highly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain issues.” -J.P.  


“Having Anklyosing Spondolitis for several years, I experience daily pain throughout my body. Although I take a number of prescription medications, none seem to be effective in relieving the pain. Toward the end of last summer I had been experiencing significant pain in my upper spine and neck. I met with Esly Caldwell and he agreed to look at me. About fifteen minutes into our session my pain began to abate. By the end of the session the pain was completely gone. This was a deep pain that I had experienced for years. In addition, Mr. Caldwell gave me a series of Yoga exercises to practice daily to reduce the spread of the disease and strengthen the affected areas. Through the direct treatment and Yoga exercises provided, the treatment I have received from Mr. Caldwell has greatly improved my quality of life over the past year. He is a very effective ‘Healer’. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the desire to “feel better’ would be best served through the guidance of Esly Caldwell.” -J.P.  


“I have consulted with Esly Caldwell for the last several months. My main focus was to get direction on improving my diet. I was surprised that Esly took the time to “interview” me to get an understanding of my likes & dislikes, my lifestyle, including my family history. Esly gave me “baby step” goals so I was never overwhelmed. He provided a personalized nutritional profile listing foods to eat & those to avoid. I also reached several sessions of acupuncture. I had been bothered by discomfort in my upper back. After two sessions I was pain free! I have recommended Esly to my friends, family & co-workers. He is truly gifted!” -L H.  


“I had been suffering with numbness, tingling, and pain in my wrists and fingers for several years. It had been getting progressively worse, often waking me up at night with pain shooting up my arms. Working with computers in my job and having knitting and cross-stitching as hobbies, my quality of life was diminished by not having full use of my hands. I also had hip pain and had been unable to sleep on my right side for years. I was at the point of contacting a hand surgeon and orthopedic surgeon to find some relief. In March, I heard of an informational session on acupuncture being given by Esly and decided to attend. Being a nurse, I was rooted in traditional medicine, but open to alternatives. I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical regarding the benefits of acupuncture for my situation. I contacted Esly Caldwell for evaluation; he was very thorough in ascertaining the quality, intensity and duration of my symptoms, then we agreed to begin my first treatment. The most significant thing I noticed immediately afterward was an incredible sense of well-being. Within the first hour, however, I began to notice a lessening of the pain and numbness. After two additional weekly sessions, there was significant improvement with my hands, and I was sleeping on my right side! I’ve been back a couple of times for “tune-ups”, but it’s now mid-June and I haven’t felt this good in years. In fact, I’m now able to exercise regularly, which helps to keep my joints limber. Attending that informational session was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’m a believer in the benefits of acupuncture and would encourage anyone to talk to Esly to see if acupuncture could help them.” -M.T.  


“A few years ago I was rear-ended in a car accident which resulted in whiplash. For two years I received multiple treatments from a chiropractor, physical therapy, and massage. I only received temporary relief; within 3-4 days of my treatment, the pain at the base of my neck and across my shoulders would return along with excruciating headaches at times. I had concluded that I would never return to pre-accident condition and that the neck and shoulder discomfort was something I was going to have to deal with forever. Recently, my husband encouraged me to try acupuncture. I am horrified of needles and the thought of acupuncture as I knew it made me very uncomfortable. I could only envision acupuncture as I had seen in movies and on TV. It took about a month of convincing but I finally made an appointment with Esly Caldwell. I’ll admit, the day of my first appointment, I was very apprehensive and actually thought of cancelling. Upon meeting Esly however, that all changed. He was very calming, very easy to talk to, and thoroughly answered all my questions while explaining what he was going to be doing and how he thought it could help me. I was relieved to find out that the “pins” really do not hurt, but more so, I was marveled at how I felt when the treatment was over. It’s difficult to put into words the relief I felt in my neck and across my shoulders when I sat up on the table. I noticed a huge difference in the range of motion in my neck and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t felt any tension. As with other treatments I had had, I fully expected these results to be only short lived and the pain and headaches to return within a short time. I am thrilled to say, that I didn’t have any pain or discomfort for the next 2 months!!! I have since seen Esly for another treatment and the results were just as positive. It again has been over a month since my treatment and I have only had very minimal discomfort. The relief I have experienced from just two treatments of acupuncture with Esly are ten-fold the result I had from other treatment. I will definitely continue acupuncture therapy with Esly and I would recommend anyone that is experiencing the same pain that I had been, to give it a try!!!” -Kim G.  


“I want to thank you Esly Caldwell for helping me getting my health back, improving my pain level and for your patience! You taught me the funniest word “depush-ification.” Besides being a wonderful acupuncturist you have been my psychologist, because you also work with the integrity of the body, mind and spirit. You have helped me to not be so hard on myself, and let things be and have more faith. I remember when I started, and my pain was at a 10!! The range of motion on my neck has improved tremendously and now I can do Pilates!! Thank you for your great energy and I call everyone out there with pain..Go see Esly Caldwell III he is more than acupuncture!” -A.B.